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Welcome to the place where I craft my art with real magic from inside you...

Do you believe in Magic?

If so...You are in the right place :)

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Tape Butterfly 3.png
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Join me on a magical journey,
where spontaneity and creativity
come together through my lens...

The power of photography.

The magic from inside you.

Capturing it is my passion! 

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Tape Butterfly 5.png
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I'm the founder of Lunacrat, a magical photography experience that I prefer to think as a place where along side you, we will bring to life with Magic Realism, unique moments to treasure forever.


For special occasions or just for fun. With your children (fine art or studio), the whole family (indoors, outdoors) or just yourself (maternity, professional, etc.), why not, right?, everyone deserve a treat time to time! ^_^

I love create Magic Realism with my own family, I will be honoured and truly happy to do it with yours.


The BTS with my kids make me laugh. It is a joy, but don't take my word for it, I sweat a lot, lol! To be the mum, the rescuer, the last in command (of course!), the assistant and finally, the photographer, all in one.. that's my gym for a month, thanks to a couple of hours :-D


Click below if you'd like to know a bit more about me and what you could expect from your Lunacrat Experience: 

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Let's capture more pages in your book of life...

Let's create MAGIC REALISM together!


Let's Connect


Cali-Colombia, and... Beyond! 


Client Love

"It has been a joy working with Lorena throughout our family photoshoot. She had some fantastic creative ideas for scenarios on the day and made us all feel at ease - the photos were exquisite! "

More kind words

- Julie , Kent

"Excellent. Really happy with the advice, enthusiasm and professionalism that Lorena showed in our session. Actually, I already recommended her service with a friend of mine"

- Ameluxen, London

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