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Join us for a fun photography camp where your child will enjoy and learn for four days the basics of the art, bringing home artistic results and joy.​

About The Photography Camp

I’m hosting a photography camp this Summer, aimed at having fun whilst learning the basics of ‘still’ photography in a creative way (doing crafts, playing some games; with a break in between) designed for young curious souls, keen to explore the magic of this art.

We will explore types of photography, basic concepts and iconic photographers with practice throughout the course. All designed to be interactive and entertaining. No experience is required, and it is suitable for ages from 6 to 12.

I will also provide some equipment to get to know different types of cameras allowing them to have a direct experience. 

Each day, participants will take home what they have done/learned in the session. At the end of the Camp we'll have a fantastic artistic poster/collection.


Bringing a camera it is optional.


This might end up being an experience that your child will treasure for many years to come; acquiring the gift of observing creatively the world, and learning the magic of creating images with light.

When: Aug 29th to Sept 1st. 2023

Time: From 9:00 a.m to 12 m

Investment: £150 per child

Where: Bexley, Kent, UK

Special Discount for Siblings, Referrals and Early Registrations.

(Early registrations apply until July 25th) 

Can’t wait to work with you! :-)

Learning Goals


Fun Introduction to the world of observation;

we'll explore types of photography.

There is a fun game waiting for you! :) Also, get ready to get crafty!

DAy 2

The aim is to learn some basic concepts and get to know some of the most iconic photographers. 

Role play it is great to learn, so get ready for some laugh!

DAy 3

An initial approach to some photography equipment and techniques. Hands on! we'll give it a go to some of them. Craft activities you will love. Bring your own camera if you like :-)


Amazing! You did it! You get your Lunacrat Certificate.

We'll talk through what we've learned and will get creative with our photo poster to end our amazing time and your achivement!

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